We have currently transferred most of the database over to the new CS List interface. If you would like to assist us in testing the CS List, please use the link here to view the new site. Upon the final transfer of the new CS List becoming a final version, the new site will take on the URLs used on this site, therefore all pages in the cs list site will have the same address as they currently have now.

If you would like to leave feedback for us, or if you find any bugs in the new system, please use one of the two threads located on the home page of the new site. We appreciate all the help we have received with the development of the new site, and look forward to your feedback.


Nick Boeckman (Yoshi)


Welcome to the all new site for The Complete List of Custom Content. You may notice a few things have changed, such as individual pages for scenery items, leaving comments on your favorite items and much more.

This site contains all publicly released custom content created for RollerCoaster Tycoon 3, including those items which have become no longer available.


This list is sorted in alphabetical order by the name (or names) of the created content. The list can be sorted by either user (this is the classic format which the original list was structured in) or content type (which will allow you to easily find a set, even if you aren't sure of the creator. Each will allow you to navigate to a specific scenery item.

Once viewing an individual item, you can see any threads or downloads that exist, types of objects in the set, view any user submitted pictures displaying the set, and even leave comments on your favorite set.

Threads and downloads* which are no longer available for viewing are no longer displayed on the item page, but they are still stored in the database should these links become available again. The items will remain available for viewing, as sending sets to another user is permitted, and the fact users can leave comments might also show up if someone finds the set on another site. If you find a set on a site not listed here, we would appreciate it if you contact a CS List Staff member with a link.

To leave comments on a set or add pictures to the database, you must be logged in. This log in is the same user name or email and password as your SGW account. If you do not have a SGW account, you can register here.

*Please note links to some sites will have log in requirements to access those threads or downloads.


Special thanks to jonwil, apet08, and errt for coming up with, and starting the list.

Thanks to shyguy for hosting the current site, and RCT-Spanky for hosting the old site on his server for many years.

Thank you to -CoasterJoe-, CPcisco, Liam, LoneWolf, |Luke|, wabigbear and Weber for their help in transferring information from the old site, as well as Jdrowlands for helping to tie up loose ends with the site as of July 29, 2011.


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